The central mission of Digital Worcester is to make local historical collections available to support education, research, and scholarship. In pursuit of this mission, Digital Worcester provides access to its digital collections and online exhibitions for purposes that include: highlighting Worcester’s historical assets, providing access, and encouraging broader discovery.

Where Digital Worcester shares digitized images of printed materials – like city directories, municipal publications, and city magazines – it has worked to ascertain the copyright status of printed historical materials and to convey that status in clear terms. Presently, Digital Worcester has only scanned and provided digital editions of works that are out of copyright, like the city directories. In addition, when Digital Worcester provides external links to resources in Google Books, Hathi Trust, or Internet Archive, the material is out of copyright and in the public domain. Many of the core digital collections (e.g. the city directories or the city documents) are not protected by copyright and are made available without restrictions for education, scholarly, and research purposes.

Some images, especially in the online exhibitions, may include materials – like manuscript items, historic photographs, and digital images of historical artifacts – that may be protected by copyright or subject to license or other rights. You may have to seek permission from the rights holder to reproduce and otherwise use these materials. In these instances, each item record includes a rights statement and/or a usage statement to help users understand how they can make use of these materials, without infringing on the rights of cooperating institutions. It is your responsibility to investigate and, if needed, clear rights to use these materials.

Users of materials from Digital Worcester are asked to respect copyright and other legal rights held by Digital Worcester, Worcester Historical Museum, cooperating partners, and other parties that may affect their subsequent use.

Usage Policy

The historical resources on Digital Worcester are intended for personal use, scholarly research, and education. Digital Worcester makes no assertions as to ownership of any original copyrights to digitized images. The images are intended for educational as well as scholarly and personal research only. There are no limitations on downloads for personal or research use.

Any other kind of use, including, but not limited to, commercial or scholarly publication in any medium or format, public exhibition, or use online or in a website, may be subject to additional restrictions including, but not limited to, the copyrights held by parties other than the owning institution. USERS ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for determining the existence of such rights and for obtaining any permissions and/or paying associated fees necessary for the proposed use. Individual item records in Digital Worcester include specific rights statements and usage statements to help users. Further information and assistance on usage is available is always available by contacting Digital Worcester, Worcester Historical Museum, or Digital Worcester’s contributing partners.

If you wish to publish, use, or obtain a copy of an item from the collection, please contact the institution that owns the item as noted in the metadata field, as fees and use policies vary by institution. Contact information for each institution is available on the contacts page. You can determine who owns the item by clicking on the image and checking under “Repository Name.” You can generally expect to hear from the institution within five business days.

You are welcome to link to our online exhibitions or digital collections for educational and research purposes.


Iqp.jcullon.com uses a Drupal framework for the sites functions which make it easy to add and view content in the website. Public access of this content should not retain sensitive information regarding the user. The third-party links and social networking tools provided in the website have their own privacy policies that should be viewed by the user before entering if necessary as their view of information use may differ.

Social Media

This website uses social media tools to share information and experiences from and with participating users and institutions. These tools are as follows: (Add link and short description of each social media tool when available!)

Digitization Guidelines


Iqp.jcullon.com creates digital copies of provided physical text to allow for viewing, research, and learning. While the online replicas available may not be on par with the original form of the documents, they allow for an easily accessible and character-searchable collection of files available on electronic devices.

Digitization Process

  • Receive physical text
  • Log required metadata
  • Calibrate necessary scanning hardware for digitization to PDF format
  • Scan each page of text present
  • Review each digitized section of original text for quality purposes and adjust where necessary
  • Process finalized file through optical character recognition software
  • Create JPEG image of front cover from finalized file for display on Iqp.jcullon.com
  • Submit new entry for finalized file on Iqp.jcullon.com by uploading PDF, JPEG, and recorded metadata
  • Return physical text to original owners

Required Digitization Practices

  • All items and hardware must be handled with care during the scanning process
  • All items must be scanned lying flat
  • Scanned pages must be skewed or rotated and rescanned if necessary based on the quality of the digital version displayed
  • All scanned pages must be in their original color
  • All finalized files created after scanning must be uploaded through the Drupal framework present in Iqp.jcullon.com